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AbuaOdual USA, Corp. hosts its second One-Love Health Mission

This is to inform all the indigenes of Abua/Odual community that AbuaOdual USA will be conducting their second edition of healthcare mission from December 26-28, 2017, 8AM-5PM daily. This is a three-day public healthcare event. The venue is Agbebi Memorial State School Abua Central, Rivers State, Nigeria. There will be a team of medical professionals that will conduct basic health assessments, blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests and other vital signs and recommend appropriate treatment plans for all patients assessed. Also, there will be a team of optometrists and their professional crews to conduct eye screening exams and prescribe glasses to all in need. There will be free administration and distributions of medications to patients assessed. This event will also be used to donate medical equipment to the disabled and the physically challenged as well as donations of text books to equip our community library at Ayama. Additionally, there will be distributions of free toothbrushes and toothpastes during this exercise. Please you should all come, form a line and get treated by our team of medical professionals. Services will be provided on a first come first served basis. Inform your family members and friends to come to Agbebi so that they can be treated by our team of medical professionals. This healthcare campaign event is free. Our famous musicians, Prince George Ezwue and Dighinigo Nengim (Alias Edaba), will be there to entertain us at the end of the healthcare mission. The health mission is not a political event or campaign; therefore, we do not encourage anyone to come and politicize it. This is about how we can all come together and work for the common good of our people. Our President Dr. Sunday Igoni will be there to welcome us all at this event.

Below is AbuaOdual USA, Corp. first held One-Love Health Mission



  AbuaOdual USA Corp finally realized one of its founding mission of being a partner in the uplift and enlightenment of our people using local role-models by leading a health mission to Abua/Odual LGA. The current president of AbuaOdual USA Corp, Dr. Sunday Enigheni Igoni, spearheaded a public health campaign initiative and took it home to Abua/Odual LGA on January 21, 2017. This was a well received and celebrated initiative. At the 14th Annual Convention in Dalas, TX, the health mission dominated the discussions. A report of what was done was delivered by President Igoni and his cohorts. Due to shipping anormalies, medical equipments that were supposed to be used during the One Love health campaign arrived after the event. At the convention, discussions were had on how best to use these equipments. The concensus was that the equiments should be donated to the local hospital with stipulations on usage and its maintenance. New pledges and donations were collected for future such health missions. Watch this space for more developments on the current and impending such missions.

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The 15th annual convention of AbuaOdual USA, Corp will be hosted by The Atogi's in Raleigh, North Carolina. Watch this space for details in the coming months. For more information, contact the President.



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