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Abua Odual USA Recognizes Dr. Captain S. Major

Abua Odual USA on April 14, 2006 recognized Dr. Captain S. Major on his appointment as the medical director of BMH, Port Harcourt by the governor of Rivers State Dr. Peter Odili and also for Dr. Major's long standing service to the Abua community. Present at the presentation ceremory organized by the Abua Odual USA, Corp. are the president of Abua Odual USA, Mr. O Michael Atogi, Dr. Ipeghan J Otaraku, representatives from the Iigbo Abuan Association and its president Mr. Ipeghan Walaku, representatives from the Abuan Daughters Association, and other invited dignatories.

Below are photos taken during this meritorious occasion.

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The 15th annual convention of AbuaOdual USA, Corp will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Watch this space for details in the coming months. For more information, contact the President.



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